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Meet the Sheros 2024

Belinda Council

Belinda Council, Community Advocate

Arati Patel

Arati Patel, Animal Advocate and Caregiver, Liberty Humane Society and City of Jersey City

Tina Nalls

Tina Nalls, Community Activist and Advocate, Founder, Community Treasure

Pelonda Glover

Pelonda Glover, Founder, Save A Few, Breast Cancer Survivor, Community Advocate

Debra Italiano

Debra Italiano, Founder, President Sustainable JC

Tere Fox

Tere Fox, Community Advocate, Jersey City Moms, Owner Jam Cakery Bakery

Kaitlyn Buccini

Kaitlyn "Kiki" Buccini, Queer Artist/Collage Artist, Community Advocate, Co-founder QueerlyCraftedCo

Juana Penson

Juana Penson, Community Advocate, Member, Rotary Club of Jersey City

Jovina Johnson

Jovina Johnson, Journal Square Community Association, Community Advocate, Co-chair, League of Women Voters

MJ Sansait

MJ Sansait, Artist/Singer, Community Advocate, Founder, Inspired Artist Movement and Goddess Ntwk

Amy Albert

Amy Albert, Public Defender

Michelle Meyer

Michelle Meyer, crossing guard

Abhilasha Meshram

Abhilasha Meshram, Vice President of Sustainable JC

Monique Smith-Andrews

Monique Smith-Andrew, a world-renowned beauty expert

Ileana Anton

Po Ileana Anton, Community Volunteer, Police Officer

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