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Tina Nalls
Born in Birmingham, Alabama  ...Tina Nalls found herself on the tough streets of Jersey City, NJ as a teen. Tough times ahead she never lost her southern charm. It was one of those times in 2008, Tina was desperate for a job but had no money to buy clothes. She was sent to a local agency, which she was told could help her. When she didn’t have $3 to pay for the items, she was turned away. Tina was able to get some clothes from a neighbor and got the job. She vowed that no one should have to do without basic essentials or be turned away. 

Out of her low income apt she picked up, stored, sorted, washed, folded clothes to give away to people who had less than her. While working a full time job and having her own family, she managed to continue helping the community for 11 years. Her operation has grown into Community Treasures of Jersey City. In 2019 the organization finalized its 501c status and became an officially registered nonprofit. Tina has remained humble and focused on her mission to help her community. She has since been honored by community  organizations, clubs, local  officials and local government, for her work in the community. 

Moving forward Ms Nalls has been working hard at building her network of community connections, getting resources, giving back and taking care of her community. She embraces learning and linking  with others to better serve those in need. She has been adamant that she gives any items she receives back, she wouldn’t charge -FREE. 

It’s not just a job but something she does from the heart. It’s her way of contributing and doing it with a hug and smile which is her southern way.
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