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If you or your children are in immediate danger, move to a safe location, and dial 911; Here are some suggested locations
Many of you think, "There is no point to reporting domestic violence.  Nothing will change, and I will just be hurt more"...  In Jersey CIty, that is simply NOT true!!!!  
As noted by Mayor Fulop, we’re the only municipality in NJ that offers a free domestic violence program for offenders via our muni court.

It’s is called the Peaceful Families program.  It is 27 weeks long program and a very intensive class. About 90% of all defendants are required to participate as a prerequisite to disposition of their case. 

If the defendant needs additional services, such as substance abuse counseling, the program assists with that referral.

Many of the dv defendants have mental health issues as well. So, those defendants get transferred to mental health court and receive both dv counseling and mental health services- such as medication management, psychiatric evaluations, counseling, etc.
Please reach out to the following resources for help...
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