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Arati Patel
Arati Patel, a dedicated lifelong resident of Jersey City, has diverse experience in policy, fundraising, and project management, particularly within environmental organizations and the United Nations Civil Society. She has a strong foundation in Environmental Law and Policy and is passionate about advocating for animal welfare and environmental preservation.
Arati has immersed herself in shelter animal advocacy for over a decade, actively contributing to improving the lives of shelter animals. On weekends, she is at the shelter, dedicating her time to the well-being of shelter animals, offering mental stimulation and respite from shelter life. She has trained shelter staff in compassionate, safe dog handling techniques to provide enriching experiences for dogs awaiting adoption. As an appointed member of Jersey City's Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, she is excited to lend her expertise to ensure the safety of our community’s animals, especially when it comes to the enforcement of animal cruelty laws and animal safety regulations, as well as the care and treatment of wild animals in our community.

In her spare time, Arati channels her passion into blogging about various aspects of our city's life, from local events to business spotlights and spreading awareness on adoptable pets! 
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