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Our Bylaws 

Women’s Advisory Board of the City of Jersey City 
Article I 
On January 26, 2022, the Municipal Council, of Jersey City, herein is referred
to as the “COUNCIL”, adopted Ordinance 22-002, Chapter 73 creating The Women’s Advisory Board (hereinafter called the “Board”), this is an advisory body to help women improve the status of women in Jersey City and create awareness of women’s issues within the City.
Article II 
The purpose of the BOARD is to be a resource to the COUNCIL by;
(A) Improving the status of women in Jersey City through creating an environment to recognize, cultivate and utilize the talents of women in the city.
(B) Assist women in Jersey City achieve success in the workplace and society through networking and advocacy.
(C) Advance the causes of women in Jersey City and promote women’s rights.
(D) Give Jersey City Women a seat at the table.
(E) To advocate, create awareness and promote women's issues, recognize and
highlight the accomplishments of women in the community, provide opportunity to liaise
with other women organizations, and assist in providing solutions for the women of
Jersey City.”

The BOARD shall: 
(A) Advise the Municipal Council and/or Mayor on issues of common concern to women within Jersey City. 
(B) Recommend policy and guidelines as it pertains to the status of women and women’s rights; provided, however, that the Board’s recommendation shall be limited to planning and programmatic review and shall not affect the decisions concerning operation, budget or personnel. 
(C) Have all powers reasonable and necessary to carry out its purpose including but not limited to the power to conduct public meetings, events and programs.
(D) Have the power to issue public statements and resolutions to the extent that those are advisory only and shall not have binding effect on the governing body.

Article III 
Section 1. Composition; terms; appointment; compensation; terms; vacancies. 
(A) The Board shall consist of eleven (11) members to be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Municipal Council. The majority of the Board shall be women. Best efforts shall be utilized to appoint at least two  (2) members who are social workers, or attorneys. All members shall be citizens and residents of Jersey City. The Mayor and Council President shall serve as ex officio members of the Board. 
(B) All members shall serve without compensation. Members shall be appointed as aforesaid, for a term of two (2) years, except all vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term.
Section 2. Appointments
(A) If a vacancy is created, the Chair of the BOARD will notify the COUNCIL who will
fill the vacancy. The BOARD may submit membership recommendations to the
COUNCIL. In the event of a vacancy, the Chair shall declare a vacancy to exist and conduct an election to fill the unexpired term at the next scheduled meeting of the BOARD. A vacancy may be filled when the BOARD votes on recommendations. The Chair will present recommendation(s) to the COUNCIL PRESIDENT, who will then bring recommendation(s) to the COUNCIL for approval. 
(B) Members serve at the pleasure of the BOARD and shall be appointed biannually by
Section 3. Reappointments to the Board 
  1. BOARD members may serve for a maximum of two terms (4 years). Reapplying does not automatically guarantee reappointment. BOARD members must reapply a minimum of 30 days prior to the expiration of their term. 

 Section 4. Resignations
A member may resign by submitting a letter to the BOARD Chair thirty (30) days prior to resignation either in hard-copy or electronic format. 
Section 5. Attendance
Attendance shall be recorded by the Secretary. In the event of the Secretary’s absence, the
Chair shall appoint a member to assume the duty for that meeting. In accordance with Ordinance 22-002, four consecutive absences from scheduled meetings shall be grounds for termination unless excused by the Chair. 
Section 6. Removal 
(A) The mayor may remove any member of the Board for cause, on written charges. Such written charges must be served upon the member, and after notice and a hearing on the allegations raised, the member shall be entitled to be heard in person or by counsel.
(B) Cause for removal may be found where a member is absent without prior notification to the chairperson from four (4) consecutive meetings or from 50 percent of the Board’s regularly scheduled meetings for the year.
Article IV 
Section 1. Titles
The officers of the BOARD shall be Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer
Section 2. Terms of Office
Officers shall be elected by a majority present at the first meeting of the BOARD held
after the BOARD’s reorganization meeting and shall serve for two years. An officer shall
cease to continue to hold office if the officer ceases to be a member of the BOARD..
Officers shall serve for two terms and may be reelected after the end of their term. 
Section 3. Duties of the Officers
(A) The Chair shall;
a. Preside at all regular and special meetings of the BOARD
b. Appoint all subcommittees and their respective Chair
c. Faithfully execute the decisions of the BOARD
d. Enforce the observance of the bylaws
e. Be the official spokesperson for the BOARD or designate a member to do so
f.  Prepare the meeting agenda with the assistance of the Secretary
g. Prepare and submit the BOARD’s Annual Report to the BOARD in the
    following year
h. Maintain the BOARD files which shall contain copies of the minutes, annual
    report and other relevant documents

(B) The Vice-Chair shall:
a. Assist the Chair upon request in the performance of her duties
b. Assume the office of the Chair for the unexpired term in the event of a vacancy
c. Perform the duties of the Chair in her absence
(C) The Secretary shall:
a. Record attendance and give written notice to a member of any two successive
    absences from scheduled meetings with a copy to the Chair
b. Prepare and maintain a file of the minutes of BOARD meetings and provide
    copies of the minutes to all members in advance of meetings
c. Assist the Chair as directed
(D)The Treasurer shall:
a. Maintain fiscal records on all voluntary spending, including but not limited to: equipment, refreshments, food, and all needs of the BOARD to properly perform their functions. 
b. Maintain fiscal records on voluntary spending for items that are beyond the need of the BOARD, i.e. flowers, fruit baskets.

Article V 
Section 1. General Provisions
(A) Any subcommittee, as necessary, shall be approved by the BOARD at which
time the Chair shall set forth its members, objectives and function.
(B) No subcommittee shall establish policy or take action without BOARD approval.
A request for action or approval of activities shall be included in their report to the
(C) Each subcommittee shall consist of a Chair, appointed by the BOARD Chair,
and a minimum of two members.
Article VI 
Section 1 Reorganization
The reorganization meeting of the BOARD shall be held at its first meeting in the new term.  
Section 2 Meetings
(A)The Board shall meet at least 10 times per year on dates and times to be set by the Board. Each member of the Board shall attend a minimum of eight (8) meetings per year in order to maintain their status as a member of the Board.
(B) A quorum shall consist of a majority (5) or 51% or better of the appointed members of the BOARD and is required for the transaction of business. No action shall be taken without a
quorum. Proxies may be utilized when deemed necessary by the Chair of the
(C) The most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be followed.

Article VII 
Any proposed amendments to the bylaws shall be brought to the BOARD five days before
any changes shall be adopted by the majority of the members present at a regularly
scheduled meeting at which the amendment was reviewed.
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