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MJ Sansait
MJ is a Jersey City born and raised creative entrepreneur, devoted wife and mom of two. Growing up in a single mother household along with her love for music, inspired MJ to pursue a profession that would combine community upliftment and the arts.

For over a decade, MJ worked with Rising Tide Capital, a 501c3 non-profit, supporting hundreds of local entrepreneurs from low income communities to develop and grow their small business. She is an accomplished singer and recording artist, who continues to use her talents to engage fellow creatives in the community.

Her musical journey has led her to share the stage as M. Josephine alongside various underground heavyweights such as M1 of Dead Prez, Venomous 2000 The Ultra Emcee, Silent Knight, Rugged N Raw, John Robinson and The Band Called FUSE. After reflecting on her past experience with a successful music producer who subjected her to sexual coercion, she set out to create a safe space where women can learn about music, hone their artistry and network amongst fellow creatives. 

Becoming a mom, especially to a daughter, made this mission much more critical for MJ to pursue. As founder & president of Inspired Artist Movement, it has grown to be a platform where artists learn, network and are affirmed of their power to heal and inspire through their talents.

In 2017, Goddess Ntwrk was created out of a need to connect with women experiencing divorce, grief and depression. Goddess Ntwrk provides a space where resources for womxn are shared to heal their trauma and celebrate their inner goddess.

During the pandemic, Radiant Goddess Project emerged under the GN umbrella in partnership with Tina Megan, Jacklyn Lune Photography, Xylo, and Mystical Healing Guide to support 3 Black, Indigenous moms of color with financial assistance, a makeover, a photoshoot and spiritual life coaching.
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