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Pelonda Glover
Pelonda Glover, a native of Jersey City, is the visionary behind Save A Few - a nonprofit organization established in 2020 that serves local students, ages 4-18. Inspired by her community activist grandmother, Pelonda discovered the power of compassion and its profound impact on individuals and the community. This transformative experience ignited her fervor for helping at-risk youth and families. She believes that while we may not have the ability to save them all, we can certainly make a difference by saving a few. Though our faith is always tested, Pelonda, a recent breast cancer survivor, believes we persevere – so let’s continue this positive journey together. 

Save A Few actively engages in workshops that cover conflict resolution, effective communication, entrepreneurship, dance arts, social media safety, anti-drug education, summer camp programs and more. By providing these resources, Pelonda and her team aim to empower and uplift those in need, fostering positive change within our community.
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