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Terri Reynolds

Wombs Don’t Heal When The Bleeding Stops,
Hi my name is Terri Reynolds Hinton.   I’m a proud lifelong resident of Jersey City and I work for Department of Public Works Jersey City.   I’m a multi property owner here in Jersey City and I’m also a proud board member of the Jersey City’s Women Advisory Board.  Our objective is to give all of Jersey City women a seat at the table.
I would also like to share with you some of my struggles in life dealing with drug abuse and addiction related issues, my recovery and success and hopefully I can help other women, in their lives.

There are many bricks that will be thrown at us and we can let them knock us down or we can choose to stand on them - the choice is yours. It’s ok to get knocked down but it’s not ok to stay there.  For some of us, it takes a little bit longer to get back up, and that’s ok as long as you not only go through it but you grow through it; never let anyone tell you to get over it stop talking about it or stop letting people rent space in your head, because depression, suicide and other mental health issues are real..  
When you go through traumatic experiences in your life, “the wombs don’t heal when the bleeding stops”.  It takes time as people deal with things differently.  My way of dealing with certain issues is through talking about it, like when I lost my only child; I was told that you need to talk about it.  It’s ok to talk about your feelings, but unless the person whom you are talking to has experienced the same issues and feelings that you are dealing with, you are going to get responses that are not impactful.  People mean well, but they just don’t understand which is why it is best to get with a support group or therapist.  Don’t worry if people label you as crazy for seeking therapy or talking to a counselor - in today’s world, you’re crazy if you don’t have a therapist or support system.  I was always told growing up that you “don’t air your dirty laundry in public”, which I took to mean you don’t talk about things that have happened to you; bad things are kept in the household.  I know that’s why I kept silent for so long about a lot of stuff and maybe that worked back then, but now we are living in different times, now we open up and talk  about experiences.  Talking may help someone else with what they are going through, letting them know that they are not alone, and they don’t have to be afraid to speak up.  You might  be surprised at how many people identify with you, and you with them
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