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Sherry Singh

I am the founder of Whole Spectrum Autism and the owner of SMILE Preschool and Nursery. While I might seem like an average, hard-working mom, I built my businesses from the ground up, and that strong “work and delivery ethic” will be what I bring to the Women’s Advisory Board. I have been a part of the Jersey City community for over 25 years, immigrating from the islands.
Unique to my family dynamic is our special focus on living with and overcoming Autism, as our son Ravi (Who depends on me for everything) was diagnosed with Autism at an early age. Our advocacy and support, for those battling this condition, have been a driving force for us over the years, as our family has been a staunch advocate for people on the spectrum

I am currently launching a training and education program for community workers so that we can begin to bridge the service gap that exists for adults on the spectrum; education and advocacy will be the force that unlocks the transition from awareness into acceptance.
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