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Carmen Munoz
Carmen Munoz, RN, BSN is a dedicated, diligent and compassionate nurse that always puts the well being and health of her patients first and foremost. One of her trademark sayings is, " As a nurse you have a time to clock in, but you don't have a time to clock out" She was born in Fort Rodriguez, San Juan, Puerto Rico and has been a nurse for 53 years. She graduated from the Puerto Rico University Hospital Nursing School in 1970. In the late 70's she worked at Boston City Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit. In 1981 she found her way to Jersey City, where she was on the frontlines of the AIDS Pandemic as the first case in the United States was reported. AIDS was only compounded by the Crack epidemic and the drug wars only accelerated HIV infection, Carmen was on the frontlines at the old Jersey City Medical Center.

She not only worked in Infectious Disease, but also with drug ravished communities within Jersey City that were decimated by the rampant drug addiction, which led to homelessness, violence and prostitution of a vast demographic. During this time, she also worked at the VA Medical Center (Veterans Affairs) in East Orange, helping veterans battling HIV infection contracted through blood transfusions, sexual contact and drug use.

In the early 1990's, the homelessness that she witnessed firsthand, led her to MASSH (Medical and Social Services for the Homeless), where her work focused on-the-ground outreach of the homeless population throughout Hudson County. For the past 20 years, she has worked in Case Management ensuring that patients have all that they need when they are discharged, in order to successfully heal and recuperate. She has worked at Cigna Health Insurance, Jewish Home, Hamilton Park, St. Francis Hospital, Christ Hospital, University Hospital of Newark, Palisades General and many others throughout her career. When Covid-19 reached the United States, she remained steadfast and dedicated to the people of Jersey City and as she is known to do, She faced the unknown head on.

She is a proud mother of 5 and even prouder grandmother of 8.
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