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Eiko La Boria

Eiko La Boria  - transporting supplies to library 2021 (1).jpg
Eiko La Boria is Founder & CEO of The Flow Initiative, a national organization
dedicated to addressing period poverty and accelerating access to menstrual
health products in Hudson County, New Jersey, and across the US. Eiko’s
passion for women’s advocacy stems back to her personal experience as a
BIPOC woman, as well as her professional experiences as a writer. Over a
decade ago while in Los Angeles, Eiko wrote about sexual harassment and
assaults, now commonly seen in news media under #MeToo and #TimesUp;
when the topic was still considered taboo and untouchable.
She created The Flow Initiative after discovering that period poverty isn’t
solely a problem in developing countries, but a growing issue impacting
communities across the United States. She believes that ending period
poverty must work in collaboration with menstrual equity in all restrooms and
education in all classrooms in New Jersey. To date, The Flow Initiative has
distributed more than 750,000 products for women, girls, and members of the
LGBTQ+ community. Since 2019, the organization has worked with a variety
of local organizations such as Project Local Access, and national partners
including Alliance For Period Supplies, Mujeres and Menstruators United, and
The United State of Women.
When Eiko is not running The Flow Initiative, she serves as an industry
speaker and panelist for the organization Our Bodies Ourselves, where she
develops articles and content on menstruation and period poverty. In 2022,
Eiko was named Chair of the Menstrual Equity Sub-Committee at Thrive New
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